What Are Poker Chips Tricks?

Poker chips tricks are a fun way to make your table mates laugh. Below I will describe the 3 most common tricks that you can do and make poker chips look like a different color.

The first trick is called the “Plastic Is Magic” method and involves getting the poker chips to change colors. Basically, when the chips start to fade from one color to another, you will simply rip off a few chips at random. Then, paint them one of the colors you want.

It’s a good idea to wait until the chips have faded before you start to tear them up. This way you don’t throw away any chips before they can disappear. If they begin to shine once you have ripped them up, the chips aren’t fading.

The second trick is called the “Distant Sound Machine”. After ripping up some poker chips, you will place them on the table in front of you. Next, take a ruler and measure the distance between the chips and the legs of the table. Do the same thing for all the poker chips that you have ripped up.

Now, you will create sounds by bending the legs of the table to produce a sound similar to what you are hearing on the backs of the poker chips. This trick can be used for many purposes. You can try it at your next game to produce a sound that makes people laugh. Or, you can create a sound that has very low volume so it doesn’t disturb others in the room.

The third trick is called the “Idaho Pass” trick. You will use the poker chips to form the letter “A”.

To do this trick, place the poker chips where you want them to appear. Then, toss them into the air with one hand and hold them with the other hand over the pot.

After you toss the poker chips into the air, twist your wrist and let them form a circle around your palm. When the poker chips make a large “A”, put them back in the pot. This creates a circle and the poker chips form an “A”.

Now that you know how to make poker chips look like other colors, let’s look at what they can do for you. These chips are excellent for games of chance, since you don’t need to worry about your card’s looking too random. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make cards that appear to have been put together randomly.

While you are playing games with poker chips, try to avoid losing more than you lose. That way you have time to plan ahead and prepare.

However, if you are winning with the poker chips, then continue to play them. It may not be smart to “shark” your chips during a game, but you can give them a little look. And, you can always use them to make your opponents laugh.

The 3 best poker chips tricks are all things that you can do to make the poker chips appear in a new and different color. In fact, I’m sure that you’ll find them pretty amusing as well as motivating. Use these poker chip tricks and you’ll see a huge difference in the number of chips you put in the game.